The company plans, develops, designs, provides training, installs and manages all types of fiber optic projects. At the same time, we also take care to remain independent from manufacturers; thereby we can act objectively in terms of technical solutions.

Airborne installation

The idea to build airborne fiber networks is to use already existing elements, such as utility poles or other infrastructure belonging to power and rail companies, etc. Compared with putting a fiber network in the ground, an airborne installation is cheaper - and in most cases – boasts an easier and cheaper construction method. Airborne connections are easy to use and are widely accepted worldwide.

Terrestrial installation

We possess the competence to design and project manage all types of excavation, installation and commissioning.

Measurement and control

We coordinate and measure shafts, verify them under their own control system and use checklists for authentication.

Images, Installations

Airborn installation

Blow Fiber technology

Splicing and welding