We strive to create solutions that work, engage and motivate. Our work approach is characterized by a close collaboration between us and our clients. Together we create a result that lasts.

Customer Relationship

Our customers’ specific needs, time perspective and cost framework determines what and how we build. Customer expertise and capacity determines how we share the responsibility and workload.

Within consulting, we offer the following services:
Product development
We develop our clients' products from prototype to finished product. We also produce our own products and tools for the industry.
This includes audits, design of networks, network planning, provisioning and planning of local installations, plus documentation.
Project management
We manage projects from start to finish, taking overall responsibility both on our own projects and as a contracted project manager.
We guide our clients through the construction phase, from methods and installation to regulations.
We document and provide documentation before work starts on a project and accumulate information in the form of construction of projects to completion of basis.
Quality control
As educators and inspectors in the OPTO sector, we perform quality checks and inspections.
Know - How

Through our long experience, we understand that each client and every network has its own unique requirements and circumstances, and we know how to meet those requirements. Our company keeps the big picture in focus - from start to finish - for all types of fiber optic networking solutions. This includes auditing, design of networks, network planning, provisioning and planning of local installations, documentation and training.


Partners in Sweden
  • ABB
  • Ericsson
  • Vattenfall
  • Fiberstaden
  • Mälarenergi
  • Strängnäs Energi
  • Hedemora Energi
  • Säter Stadsnät
  • Sundsvall Energi
  • Botkyrka Stadsnät
  • Kramfors kommun
  • Hudiksvalls kommun
  • Eskilstuna Stadsnät
  • Hallstahammars kommun

ICT Networks Certificates

ICT Networks is approved by the market as

  • Certificate issuer in Ribbonet ®
  • Certificate issuer in Micronet ®
  • Examiner for Swedac (Opto mechanical technician)
  • Education provider at CUL KY Education in Hudiksvall 40p
  • Education provider for safety on the road
  • Development of new products