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  • Certified Fiber Technician

    ICT Networks and its employees hold CFT Certificates. We even have an accredited examiner to certify technicians.

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  • Speed of light

    How does light travel through the fiber wire? How can a light signal become a picture on a TV screen?

    Learn how fiber technology works and all the benefits versus traditional copper networks.

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  • International cooperation

    Demand within the international market is increasing as more countries build infrastructures with fiber optics.

    Here are some of the countries we work with.

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ICT = Installation - Consulting - Training

  • ICT Networks is currently fully equipped for all existing types of fiber optic installation.
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  • ICT Networks delivers the entire package, as well as the necessary details to ensure a successful project.
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  • ICT Networks offers a number of different training programs in fiber optics.
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